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Dock Shelters

Dock shelters protect goods while loading and unloading and do not allow to come into contact with the external environment. In this way they are not subject to severe temperature changes, energy losses are reduced (heating cooling) and most importantly they are not contaminated nor corrupted by insects, dust, etc. because they have no contact with the external environment.

There are various types of Dock shelters according to:

1. The height of the floor to the truck.

2. The distance of the building from the position of the truck.

3. The dimensions of the trucks used.

They consist of metal frames and flexible parts shaped "Π" whose proper and reinforced construction ensures long-term durability:

a. The front part shaped "Π" goes back (without being damaged), if a vehicle which has not approached properly the loading position hits it, and returns to its original position with the help of springs.

b. The front parts are made of PVC sheet thickness 3mm, reinforced with two fiberglass linen.

c. The sides of the dock shelter are covered by reinforced polyester fabric coated with PVC.

All plastic parts of PVC comply with hygiene requirements of the European Union.


Dock Levelers

Features you need to know for dock levelers:

1. Dock levelers are used for fast and easy loading of goods.

2. Increase productivity as automate and speed up loading.

3. Available in a wide variety of types and sizes manual or electro hydraulic , steel or aluminium and are used to bridge the level of the warehouse or factory to the level of the truck.

4. Given the strain subjected to from heavy loads they are certified and meet international safety standards.

5. Accompanied (on demand) from accessories such as:
Rubber bumbers for the prevention of the building from any bumps, and wheel guides, etc.

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