Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters by BIOROL S.A. are suitable for car garages, shops, storage areas and any area that must be restricted and fully secured. More Detail

Sectional Doors

BIOROL S.A. Sectional Doors are special for their quality. The experience gained over the years in the design and care in the construction, make our sectional doors the most distinct product. More Detail

Home Security

Security solutions for every type of construction. Secure your home or your shop with one of our products and calm and sure that no one will breach it. More Detail

Bussiness Solutions

Make loading and unloading your products easier and quicker with Dock Shelters & Dock Levelers. Whatever your construction BIOROL S.A. has a solution for you. More Detail

Motors & Electronics

All BIOROL S.A. products contain the highest quality electronics. Motors that are secure and last long without any problems let you worry about something else than your door. More Detail

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